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Charlie Poole cpoole at pooleconsulting.com
Tue Oct 14 12:12:53 EDT 2003

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> |  Based on a discussion of the problems of running NUnit 2.1 under mono,
> |  I concluded that the Windows registry stuff in the
> nunit.util.dll should
> |  be removed and put into a separate windows-only dll. However, browsing
> |  CVS,
> |  I see that the same code is in the current mono nunit2 build.
> I haven't been able to try the build on Linux in a while, so I'm not sure
> what the issue is.  However, I've heard a rumor (actually Gonzalo
> told me on
> IRC) that the NUnit folks are working on this issue.  Since they
> know best I
> think it's a good idea to wait for their solution.

Quite so. But I am the nunit folks - or one of them - and I'm having this
issue in trying to figure out how to support mono. :-)

> |  So, does mono support the windows registry? If so, I assume only on
> |  windows.
> |  Do you all think removing the registry-related code is the proper thing
> |  to
> |  do?
> I assume the registry support is for the GUI, like a "Recent Tests" menu
> item. We don't have the GUI in mono CVS, so if you need a quick build fix,
> it might be enough to just delete those files.  I haven't tried it myself
> however.

Most of it is gui related, and I can work around the rest. That's what I was
doing till I noticed your CVS actually contains the code that accesses the
windows registry and saw a note that seemed to indicate it builds. That's
part that's confusing me. I don't want to release an nunit for mono that has
less capability than what you guys are already doing.

> If there's a bigger issue that I'm not aware of, please let me know.
> Regards,
> Nick D.

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