[Mono-devel-list] xft.pc on SuSE [was: Mono CVS build requirements]

Richard Torkar richard.torkar at htu.se
Tue Oct 14 04:54:15 EDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-10-14 at 04:21, Marcus wrote:
> I installed freetype 2.1.4 on my system from sources, and it did not install 
> any such file as xft.pc

> > This is part of freetype 2.1 on my sysetm.  Maybe you need the -devel
> > package for your distro?

On my system (RH9) it is part of:

Anyway I've noticed that xft.pc can be placed in an alternative location

If that is the case, please add that path to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH

In any case, I found out that xft.pc is included in XFree86-devel on
SuSE 8.2 (look at the bottom of the file list):

And in that case is placed under /usr/lib/pkgconfig.

Hope this helped somewhat.

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