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Cezar Nasui cezar.nasui at polymtl.ca
Tue Oct 14 00:20:55 EDT 2003


I'm working on an application that it suppose to display on the browser some
values from an already running console application.
The console application instanciates a class MyClass, modifies some
properties and starts the web server (actually an instance of an
ApplicationHost with all it needs to serve requests). So far so good, the
"web server" starts, it serves basic pages, I print on console the new
values for the MyClass properties, everything is fine.
Now, I want to call an aspx page in the browser to display these values.
What I did was to create a static method in the console application that I
could call from the aspx page. After all the necessary Imports, the page
shows in the browser but I don't get the actual values. Is like a new
instance of the MyClass was created.
That leads me to my questions :
- does the web server start in a new process ? As I mentioned I'm starting
it from the console application and I create it using
	(XSPApplicationHost) host = (XSPApplicationHost)

- there is a way I can get these values ? What are my options to make the 2
applications, console and web, "talk" to each other (beside remoting)?

Any help really appreciated,


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