[Mono-devel-list] [PATCH] fix problems in System.Data.Common.DbDataAdapter.cs

Eran Domb erand at mainsoft.com
Sun Oct 12 12:14:52 EDT 2003

I found some bugs in DbDataAdapter.cs
1. Fill(DataTable dataTable, IDataReader dataReader) - add only the
mapped column to the dataTable (not all columns of dataReader).
            Also closing the dataReader if an exception is thrown.
2. Fill(DataSet dataset, string srcTable, IDataReader dataReader, int
startRecord, int maxRecord) - the same as above.
3. SetupSchema(SchemaType schemaType, string sourceTable, DataTable
table) - in now return string (the table name). 
4. GetFillParameters() - fix a bug.
5. BuildSchema(IDataReader dataReader, DataTable table, SchemaType
schemaType) - it now return Hashtable. Add columns to the table only if
there is a mapping. Build an Hashtable that maps the columns from the
table to the column from the reader.
6. Update(DataRow[] dataRows, TableMapping tableMapping) - first open
the connection if needed. Catch an exception of the ExecuteQuery.
Attached is a diff file. If no-one objects I will commit.
Eran Domb.
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