[Mono-devel-list] [PATCH] fixing problems in System.Data.DataTable

Eran Domb erand at mainsoft.com
Sun Oct 12 06:47:02 EDT 2003

I have made some changes in DataTable:
1. Adding DeletingDataRow (DataRow dr, DataRowAction action) method.
2. Adding ChangingDataRow (DataRow dr, DataRowAction action) method.
3. Changing implementation of HasErrors - there is no flag for errors,
instead the table ask her row if they have any errors.
This is because the we do not no when to turn off the flag.
4. Changing Locale implementation to behave like ADO.NET.
5. Changing AcceptChanges().
6. Changing Clear() - check that this table is not referenced from a
foreign key constraint.
7. Changing Copy() - do not try to access a deleted row.
8. Changing CopyProperties() - copy the PrimaryKey of the table.
9. Implementing GetChanges().
10. Implementing ImportRow().
11. Changing LoadDataRow(.) - adding implementation if the table has
12. Changing ToString()  - to behave like ADO.NET.
Attached is a diff file. If no-one objects I will commit.
Eran Domb.
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