[Mono-list] RE: [Mono-devel-list] Surveys: Mono 1.0 and MonoConference.

Todd Berman tberman at gentoo.org
Fri Oct 10 12:00:22 EDT 2003

> My thinking is something along the March-May 2004 lines.

Ok, with those dates in mind, we should now worry about our target
audience, and where they are coming from (both geographically and

I think date and audience identification, as well as attempting to
estimate a size of the gathering are definitely required to be known
before you even attempt to pick a city/country/town/whatever.

For example, if we wanted this to be a small hackers only conference, we
have far more leeway I think in deciding where it will take place.

If we were going for a huge mono conference/summit thing, then obviously
we couldn't do this in some cool small town in
Spain/Brazil/US/Canada/wherever, because the town itself couldn't
support that.

As well, wrt to it being a larger conference, if we are looking to line
up some sort of potential sponsorship/vendor stuff, then the location is
of supreme importance. Obviously certain companies would be more or less
interested in the conference depending on the location for a number of


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