[Mono-devel-list] Surveys: Mono 1.0 and Mono Conference.

Todd Berman tberman at gentoo.org
Fri Oct 10 11:13:19 EDT 2003

> Has anybody considered Europe? There are lots of contributors to Mono
> Europe and also we do not have software patents (well, yet) :-)
> Thanks,
> Jordi,
I have considered Europe, however, and this is just me personally, it is
far far too expensive in many regards.

1) Air travel, the cost, and my distaste for planes make it a bit
2) Expenses, coming from a Canadian dollar, its far to expensive for me
to visit, the Euro is just worth too much :P

Although I would love to visit Europe for this event, I know that it
would be difficult for me, and at least a couple other mono developers.

Anyway, Europe already gets the Gnome conference :P

Has even a tentative date been planned? Because, to me, the date makes a
huge difference in planning where exactly this should be.


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