[Mono-devel-list] Surveys: Mono 1.0 and Mono Conference.

Ian MacLean ianm at ActiveState.com
Thu Oct 9 11:01:11 EDT 2003

I was actually going to suggest Canada as well for somewhere close to 
the US but with far fewer visa hassles. And relatively cheaper.

Last years tcl conference was held in Vancouver and cost considerably 
less then previous conferences held in the US. Strangely though, a 
number of people couldn't come because their companies wouldn't pay for 
an international conference - anywhere in the US was fine - go figure.


>For just a suggestion as to location, and I will admit RIGHT off, it's a
>totally selfish one, but Toronto is a great city that fits exactly what
>you are describing.
>Huge airport, its cheap because of the conversion from Euro or USD into
>Canada seems to be a pretty easy country to get into (they let me in
>:P). In addition to that, its fairly close to Boston without the whole
>US part of it, and there are at least 3 developers within a very close
>distance of it.
>Again, just a suggestion, and even though it is a bit selfishly
>motivated, it is a good suggestion I believe.
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