[Mono-devel-list] [PATCH] ResourceManager is calling an incorrect constructor

Francisco Figueiredo Jr. fxjrlists at yahoo.com.br
Mon Oct 6 22:12:35 EDT 2003

Dick Porter wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 19:01, Francisco Figueiredo Jr. wrote:
>>Hi all.
>>I found this small bug in ResourceManager.
>>It tries in the line 290:
>>set=(ResourceSet)Activator.CreateInstance(resourceSetType, args);
> This looks like bug 43567, which is still being fixed.

Yeap. I had a look in the bug list and couldn't find anything about this 
problem. It seems I didn't look very well. :)

>>-                       resourceSetType = resourceSource;
>>+                       resourceSetType= typeof(ResourceSet);
> This is part of the fix, but there is more to do.  Finishing off this
> bug is on my todo list, but other tasks have higher priority currently.

Thanks Dick.

For Npgsql code which uses the ResourceManager the only problem I'm 
getting for while is this. Would you mind doing just this small change 
so Npgsql can run without errors?



Francisco Figueiredo Jr.

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