[Mono-devel-list] Nant / OJB.NET / Maverick.NET / NVelocity

Ian MacLean ianm at ActiveState.com
Sun Oct 5 22:49:19 EDT 2003

Todd Berman wrote:

>Yes, the DirectoryScanner.cs code is what holds up the compilation on a
>mono system.
>And this is a reported issue, a couple months ago when I was looking
>into using NAnt, I saw on the mailing list archive a thread from someone
>saying they got it working, but a compile that took 2 seconds from the
>commandline with mcs took 57 seconds through NAnt.
ok - I must have missed that. However now its great that we know where 
the issues is and whats causing it.

>Please, don't get me wrong, at no point was ragging on NAnt, I think it
>is a great tool, with some amazing potential, and its very usable now.
>With regards to the nant.exe.config file and frameworks stuff here is my
>I understand the need to use that section for finding certain
>applications, however, many projects just need access to csc, not the
>entire suite of utilities (gacutil, ngen, resgen, etc). Debugging the
>'No framework found' error is the most difficult experience I had with
>NAnt, its just not very intuitive at all. That was all I meant :)
Thats cool. We've had a number of people report similar problems with 
the default framework stuff. I'm taking a look now at auto-detecting a 
framework if the default is invalid - based on your and Bens suggestions.


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