[Mono-devel-list] SOAP communication Mono to Windows

Leos Urban Leos.Urban at qds.cz
Fri Oct 3 04:27:06 EDT 2003

it is interesting idea, I can create objects with simple (and working  )
types for some applications.
But for generic DB support I need full DataSet-like implementation - it mean
rewrite DataSet or port Mono DataSet to Windows MsDotNet as for example
MonoDataset etc.
I dont know how difficult is get sources for Mono Dataset, replace names
with "Mono" prefix and then build on MS Dotnet (and make conversion between
MonoDataset and Dataset - some components, reports need DataSet type).
Better way (my mean) is participate on serializing of current DataSet - if
is possible to make MS serializable DataSet.
I do not understand one thing - if we change serialization, then will work
with MS. But will not work current applications without rebuild (remember
Mono to Mono now worked), is not it?


>  >> Hello,
>  >> I want to use linux as (Mono SOAP ) server platform for our customers
>  >> with windows clients (with MS dotnet) and PocketPC client (with MS
>  >> Compact Framework).

> Leos, what about creating your own serializable object to handle this,
> used on both ends?   I know it is more work that serializing a DataSet
> or DataTable .. but could well allow you to do what you need to get
> done.

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