[Mono-devel-list] mono's Windows Forms & MS .Net

Urs Muff umuff at quark.com
Wed May 21 10:31:43 EDT 2003

The MS Windows forms have a major drawback; they are based on COM and are
single threaded.  That means they are not using the underlying kernel
directly, but using COM to talk to it.

As far as I know mono's Windows forms are directly written on top of the
kernel.  Is that correct?
Do mono's Windows forms have a threading restriction?
What is the status of Windows forms on Win32 [WinNT/WinXP/Win2k3 Server]?
Would it be possible to use [did anyone try to use] mono's Windows form in
the MS .Net CLR?  What could be possible problems?  Does the forms
implementation rely on anything special in the mono runtime?

Thanks a lot for your answer.

- Urs C. Muff
Software Architect	- Research Lab
Quark Inc.
UMuff at Quark.Com    	- X6360

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