[Mono-devel-list] Non GCC compiler patch

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Tue May 20 17:02:22 EDT 2003


> Here is my first proposed set of changes based on cvs which should be
> those changes needed to use non-GCC compilers (HP's in my case).  The
> worst file is mono-debug-debugger.c to avoid *((type *) x)++ = y. The
> main one I am not sure is done properly is metadata/socket-io.c
> because ip_mreq is guarded strangely in the system headers so
> difficult to get at. I have just avoided that option using the __hpux
> symbol which is probably not ideal. This doesn't include any configure
> stuff as yet (note the way I compile is to actually set CC to a
> wrapper script for HP's compiler which mangles or loses a few gcc
> specific command switches).

Thanks for your compilation fixes, am sure they will be very useful (I
Dick, Paolo or Dietmar should review them).

The right way of coping with the compiler flags is to catch your
platform in configure.in, and then set the flags accordingly there (they
are defined at the top of the file).


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