[Mono-devel-list] monodoc redhat 8.0 rpms

Philip Nutzman me at northwesterne.edu
Fri May 16 03:20:21 EDT 2003

perhaps someone who has actually built an rpm package can shoot me down,
shouldn't the monodoc rpm installation fail (or complain) if certain
dependencies aren't met?
the rpm -ivh monodoc  went smoothly ... but when I ran monodoc, there
was a neverending list of things (should I call them silent
dependencies?) which kept it from working properly...

to save people the trouble I ran into (which was thankfully figured out
if you have a Red Hat 8 (prob also 9) "personal desktop" installation,
make sure to install additionally the gnome *-devel packages. (this
might also affects other installation types)

I also write this here, because there might be a lot of "personal
desktop" users without gnome development experience, who were excited
like me and wanted to jump right into gtk# development
Alright, the GIST:
Shouldn't the monodoc rpm installation complain if you are missing the
devel packages? (it didn't for me). Also I had an issue with
libgtkhtml3... which was also a "silent dependency"
Anyway, the monodoc application is a real treasure for me as I try to
learn gtk#


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