[Mono-devel-list] Using WinForms on WinNT

A Rafael D Teixeira rafaelteixeirabr at hotmail.com
Sat May 10 14:33:36 EDT 2003

>From: "Alexandre Pigolkine" <pigolkine at gmx.de>

> > On 2K, there is an additional:
> >  WARNING **: Failed to load library uxtheme.dll
> > (uxtheme.dll): The specified module could not be found.
>I do not think that some code in SWF depends on this dll now.
>IMHO it's safe to ignore this warning for a moment.

In truth this also occurs in Microsoft implementation. It fires an 
IOException that is catched and handled by higher-level code in SWF, so your 
application won't see it. This dll is needed when you want controls to 
follow the Windows XP themed look. You command that by changing a style 
property to a specific value. As the theme engine that contains this DLL 
isn't available outside Windows XP, controls simply call a default rendering 
routine when consuming this exception.

> > 2) You must have WinXP to use WinForms with mono
> >
> > Can anybody confirm or deny these points?
>2) (to my knowledge) there is no WinXP specific code in SWF.

As I said MS' SWF tries to use uxtheme.dll (which 'IS' WinXP specific) for 
rendering the controls, when the property is set. Otherwise it falls back to 
normal rendering.

Hope it helps,

Rafael Teixeira
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