[Mono-devel-list] Using WinForms on WinNT

Erik LeBel eriklebel at yahoo.ca
Thu May 8 10:57:48 EDT 2003

I doubt you're missing the DLL, rather I suspoect that the way the DllImport attribute (re)names functions is not always correct.  In System.Windows.Forms/win32functions.cs the DllImport uses a variety of arguments such as CharSet and EntryPoint. I found that on my system I had to redefine some of these arguments so that the function would be found. The problem has to do with MS' naming convention for functions. Some function names are epiloged with 'Ex', some with 'A', and some with none. Depending on the arguments used in the DllImport, the desired function SHOULD be mapped correctly. I may get some flack for saying it, but there could be a bug in DllImport. Take this with a grain of salt though, I'd started looking at this on version 0.19, and gotten caught up on other things. My memory is fuzzy. Hope this helps get you on track. -erik

Peter Jacobi <peter_jacobi at gmx.net> wrote:Dear All,

I'm under the impression I'm missing something obvious, but I wasn't
able to find the required information yet.

I've downloaded mono 0.24 (Windows Installer version) and installed
it on a WinNT box.

I've managed to compile and run some basic test programs.

But I can't get working even simple programs using WinForms. They compile
but fail with when run. The diagnostic output when run is something like

WARNING **: Failed to load function GetScrollBarInfo from user32.dll
... more of this ...

then an Unhandled Exception is reported.

Do I have to run on WindowsXP?
Do I have to specify dll location? How?

Peter Jacobi

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