[Mono-devel-list] xslt.dll missing and version question...

Clayton Harbour claytonharbour at sporadicism.com
Thu May 8 02:30:36 EDT 2003

I am building a little utility that downloads an xml (in my case rdf)
file and xslt file and applies the transformation to the xml file.  The
download piece works okay (minus a few work arounds for deserializing my
config file) but then I get to the transform and get some problems.  I
am currently testing this on Windows 2000 with the mono 0.24 setup
binaries while I rebuild my mono install on my Linux box.
The first problem is a missing libxslt.dll assembly.  I tried to
download this through cygwin but I kept getting a missing libxslt.dll
error.  I fixed this by downloading libxslt.dll (libxslt-1.0.29.win32)
from http://www.zlatkovic.com/projects/libxml/binaries.html
<http://www.zlatkovic.com/projects/libxml/binaries.html> , which brought
the second problem, a missing method in libxml2.dll
(xmlPathOrderDocElems).  I then downloaded libxml2 (libxml2-2.5.7.win32)
which seemed to fix the missing method problem.
When I go to run my utility now though the system seems to cycle for
awhile (5-10 minutes), freezes for a bit and then finally returns.  The
first time it returned I got an error message popup:
            Glib-ERROR **.gmem.c:141:g_malloc (): 
            Failed to allocate 8192 bytes aborting.
And I get an abnormal program termination at the command line.
So I guess my question is am I using the right xslt libraries?  Also I
was wondering if it would be possible to include them in the setup file?
Thanks in advance!
Clayton Harbour

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