[Mono-devel-list] Locale / File Name Handling in mono

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Tue May 6 11:32:34 EDT 2003

On 05/06/03 Norbert Berzen wrote:
> 1) Why did the call of 'setlocale(LC_ALL,"")' disappear in
>    mini - in old mono there was one?

It was missing in mini: I added it there, too.

> 2) Why does the whole io-layer assume external file names
>    being coded in UTF-8? This leads to problems, e.g., when
>    using ISO-8859-1 coded filenames which contain german
>    umlauts.
>    Shouldn't there be some sensible conversion between
>    external and cli-internal file names, or does any of the
>    cli/cls specifications prohibit this?

The main issue is that there is no way to know what a file name
is encoded in, it may be utf-8, latin1, or any other 8 bit encoding.
Glib has a couple of functions that do a kind of best guess and we
should use those:
	g_filename_to_utf8() and g_filename_from_utf8 ().

Can you please file a bug report at bugzilla.ximian.com so that we don't
forget about the issue? Thanks.


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