[Mono-devel-list] Gtk# build problem

marco.ridoni at virgilio.it marco.ridoni at virgilio.it
Mon May 5 04:41:13 EDT 2003

I get this error when trying to build gtk-sharp (in RSVG):
> ./generated/RsvgSharp.SizeFuncNative.cs(25) error CS1501: Can not find
> a constructor for this argument list
> ./generated/RsvgSharp.SizeFuncNative.cs(15) error CS0103: The name
> `RemoveIfNotAlive' could not be found in `RsvgSharp.SizeFuncWrapper'

In order to avoid any problem, I checked out a "fresh" copy of the repository,
but the problem persists. I read on the Gtk# list that someone solved it
reloading the API source and/or regenerating the API (even if this shouldn't
be necessary for a clean build from CVS code), but this didn't do it for


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