[Mono-devel-list] Mano - Mono on PalmOS

Sergey Chaban serge at wildwestsoftware.com
Thu May 1 16:33:40 EDT 2003


> For example, the Palm port
> will most likely exist as a stand-alone application (from the PalmOS point
> of view), with threading, interprocess communication, etc being managed by
> that application itself, since the OS provides no support for those
> features.

So if I understand correctly you're not proposing to do a fork but more like
writting a standalone lib that would implement missing APIs on top of PalmOS?
For example, implementing mono/io-layer (essentially a Win32 subset impl.) using
PalmOS interfaces? So with such a lib in place it would be possible to compile
Mono for PalmOS5 without changing a line in the Mono itself.
Sounds good in theory, but may be extremely difficult in practice.
Besides it's simply not enough to do a port.

> If the entirety of the Mono community is interested enough in
> supporting the PalmOS to make development of these kinds of features (which
> really are only useful on tiny systems) 

I believe many people on the list will be interested.
This would benefit development for other small systems like WinCE and embedded Linux
(and in the future maybe QNX and Symbian).

> If you *really want* Palm-specific discussions on this list, I'll be happy
> to send them here, but I'm not sure they'll be more than noise to most
> people.

In any case I agree with Paolo that one of the Mono lists would be a more appropriate
place to talk about this stuff.


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