[Mono-devel-list] VB Runtime and license

Marco Ridoni marco.ridoni at virgilio.it
Mon Mar 31 13:20:46 EST 2003

Somewhere on the Mono site there is a recommendation about not 
decompiling/resourcing a class when reimplementing it for Mono, so one is 
(and rightly so, IMO) supposed to start from scratch, having only the API and 
the .NET SDK as a reference. 

Fine. The problem is that Microsoft.VisualBasic, apart from obvious things 
like Date(), Val(), Str(), etc. is completely undocumented (especially 
CompilerServices). While it is still easy to understand what methods like 
IntegerType.FromString (String) do, how is one supposed to legally gain a bit 
of knowledge about, e.g. the meaning and usage of methods like 
LateBinding.lateIndexGet(), etc? We are at a point where these function are 
starting to be badly needed to improve mBas, so I guess we should try to find 
a solution.

Any suggestion, as usual, is welcome


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