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Gaurav Vaish gvaish at adobe.com
Thu Mar 27 12:44:34 EST 2003

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Subject: [Mono-devel-list] IBuySpy

> Hello,
> is there anywhere an HOW-TO, how to install IBuySpy (Portal) and get it
> running with mono?

    Though Gonzalo would be the better person to answer this, but - firstly,
we don't have a HOWTO for this and we are still in process to make it run
with all features.

> I just installed mono-0.23, compiled the System.Web.Mobile stuff which was
> not in the binary distribution of mono-0.23 and tried to use the server
> the xsp package.

    Well, the mobile assembly is not yet ready and to be frank, it's far
from ready - not even with the minimal parts used in IBuySpy. I'm working
hard on it though haven't committed any code since - how many... about 3-4
weeks or so. You'll find enormous stubbing of the methods without any actual
code into it ;-)
    All I can promise on this is that if my employer gives me enough time,
you should be able to see it (mobile assembly) in working condition 3-4
months down the line. Though that may sound a distant time to you, but
currently, I am the one looking into it - and I'm pretty sure, it will make
me write over 15-20KLoc!

> I get a NullPointerException on the PageInit Method of the
> DesktopDefault.aspx page (under Linux).
> The same under Windows 2000 produces the error File 'tmp202859736.dll' not
> found...

    Hmm... Gonzalo, he needs you now. ;-)

Happy Hacking,

> BTW. what is the best way to debug such problem, is there also an HOW-TO?
> Thanks,
> Andreas

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