[Mono-devel-list] System.Data.DataRow big patch

Alan Tam Tam at SiuLung.com
Fri Mar 21 08:27:34 EST 2003


After thinking, there are 5 types of states, Detached, Added, Modified, Deleted
and Unchanged. One can add, delete, attach and detach a row, with modification
and without modification. So there should be at most 5*4*2 = 40 test cases.
Seems data path coverage testing is feasible.

I will try later to construct test cases consider all these cases. However, I
still have to look at how I can specify them as a NUnit test ...


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Hello Alan Tam,

Your patch look good.  I verified your patch against current cvs, and it works.

Can you commit your patch please?


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Dear all,

I've looked at the DataRow code and found that the DataRowState and
DataRowVersion codes are mostly only just working. If you build by test program
and run it against both platforms you will feel unhappy that nearly all tests

I've prepared a patch, that at least passed all tests I prepared. In addition I
also fixed a little in DataRowCollection and DbDataAdapter (which depends on
the old wrong behavior).

Please review my patch and see if it breaks other things. If there is no
objection, I will commit it.


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