[Mono-devel-list] mono debugger in infinite loop

Philip Nelson panmanphil at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 20 23:44:35 EST 2003

I spent a good deal of time upgrading my suse 8.0 system to the gnome 2.2.1
libaries so I could try out the new mono debugger.  Got it compiled and
executing with the tarball debugger, the cvs version of gtk-sharp and mono .23.
 My real purpose in all this is to solve more of the problems with NAnt.exe
running under linux, which I have partially working now.

So, with great anticipation ...

mono /usr/bin/Debugger.exe NAnt.exe -help

blew up somewhere deep in gtk-sharp (?) with a null reference exception

Ok. mono /usr/bin/Debugger.exe
load program and viola, the debugger shows a yellow highlight on the first line
of source.  Step, Step, and then step into the first reference to a system
type, AppDomain in this case, never to return.  I could break, but have to
close the session after that.  

Ok, try the same thing from the command line.  I can step and again it goes
into a loop of some sort when hitting the AppDomain reference.

OK, try something simpler, a 10 line program that loads up a DataSet, builds a
DataTable in memory and calls WriteXml() to save.  This was a simple test that
already worked (except for writexml not being implemented).  In this case I
could step a few steps until I called a method on the dataset and then an
infinite loop.

Any suggestions?  The only other possible oddity with my system is that I have
applied the low latency patches to my kernel, other than that it should be
pretty stock suse 8.0

FWIW, the effort to build gnome 2.2 wasn't wasted, I can now start building
some music software that was going to have to wait until suse 8.2 ;-)

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