[Mono-devel-list] ilasm man page

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Wed Mar 19 13:45:18 EST 2003


> > 	I wrote a man page for ilasm, it is not very good but it does outline
> > all the switches. May I commit this to mono/man?
> man pages only get distributed with packages (at least on Debian) if
> they're provided with the program's sources (ie. in mcs/ilasm). This is
> because mono/ and mcs/, although closely related, are regarded as
> separate sources. It's conceivable that someone might want to install
> your ilasm without installing Mono (eg. for use with Rotor or
> Portable.NET).
> On the other hand, the man page for mcs is in mono/, not mcs/. I believe
> the RPMs work around this by providing a single monolithic package, but
> that's not really sustainable.

I know that this is not what the Debian people like: small packages with
very concrete features, but in the case of Mono, a number of tools are
part of the same package.

The split between mono and mcs was purely historical, in reality the
.NET Framework has deeper dependencies than those that meet the eye. 
They should be in fact be considered as one package.

If you want to further split down things in the Debian world, that is up
to you, but you should consider mono/mcs to be a single "source
distribution" package.


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