[Mono-devel-list] Mono Debugger error...

Charles-Louis charlouis.mono at wanadoo.be
Wed Mar 19 05:42:04 EST 2003

When I'm trying to debug my app with the debugger, I get this error:

Unhandled Exception: Mono.Debugger.InternalError: Daemon thread 0
received unexpected signal 30 at 0x420ae561.
in <0x0023a> 00
Mono.Debugger.Backends.DaemonThreadRunner:daemon_thread_main_loop ()
in <0x00011> 00
Mono.Debugger.Backends.DaemonThreadRunner:daemon_thread_main ()
in <0x00052> 00
Mono.Debugger.Backends.DaemonThreadRunner:daemon_thread_start_wrapper ()
in <0x0005b> 01 System.MulticastDelegate:invoke_void ()

Any ideas?

Charles-Louis <charlouis.mono at wanadoo.be>

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