[Mono-devel-list] Converted tests in assembly System to NUnit 2.0

Martin Willemoes Hansen mwh at sysrq.dk
Tue Mar 18 10:38:44 EST 2003

Hi there!

Conversion of System assembly to NUnit 2.0 done.

Results of running the tests:
       Tests run: 125, Failures: 10, Not run: 0, Time: 22.543598 seconds

I belive that this is the last assembly using the old NUnit 1.0

Ill commit this later tonight if nobody objects.

PS. Someone should probably get rid of the old NUnit 1.0 framework,
included with mono ie mcs/nunit.

Martin Willemoes Hansen

E-Mail	mwh at sysrq.dk	Website	mwh.sysrq.dk
IRC     MWH, freenode.net	
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