[Mono-devel-list] NUnit2 conversion of tests in System.Data assembly

ville vi64pa at kolumbus.fi
Mon Mar 17 11:40:23 EST 2003

Hi Martin

On Monday 17 March 2003 01:44, Martin Willemoes Hansen wrote:
> Hi!
> I Converted the Tests in the System.Data assembly to NUnit2.
> System.Data.SqlTypes/SqlInt16Test.cs
> System.Data.SqlTypes/SqlInt64Test.cs
> System.Data/DataTableTest.cs
> Did not work for me though :(

DataTableTest.cs is working for me, it just terrible slow. About those 
SqlInt*Test.cs you were right, those doesnt work for me neither,

> Results of the rest of the tests:
>         Tests run: 403, Failures: 94, Not run: 0, Time: 7.10179 seconds
> Is TheTests.cs used for anything? Seems old to me.

I dont think TheTests.cs is used anymore.

> Ill commit tomorrow sometime if nobody objects.

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