[Mono-devel-list] Mono LDAP support

tim at timcoleman.com tim at timcoleman.com
Tue Mar 11 12:57:31 EST 2003

Hey folks,

I remember reading not too long about about Mono's LDAP support
or lack thereof, and that the Mono.Directory.LDAP namespace
exists to provide some basic support for System.DirectoryServices.

What I'm wondering is if there is much demand for directory
services support in Mono or not.  I've been doing some work with
LDAP recently, and I was interested in creating a simple
LDAP browser as my first "real" GUI application in C#.
I'm not really pleased with any of the free LDAP browsers out
there on the Internet.

If somebody has already volunteered for this, then speak now or
forever hold your peace :-).  Seriously though, would it be
best to copy code from Mono.Directory.LDAP, or just reference
it within the System.DirectoryServices namespace?

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