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Sun Mar 9 05:23:59 EST 2003

On Sun, Mar 09, 2003 at 11:09:38AM +0100, Paolo Molaro wrote:
> On 03/08/03 Jackson Harper wrote:
> > 	Some people have been suggesting/requesting a name change for ilasm.
> > There are a few other .net implementations that use ilasm, so some
> > people have 2 or 3 different ilasm applications on their machine. 
> > 
> > 	There are a few diff options such as setting up a script with a diff
> > name that calls prefix/mono prefix/ilasm.exe, creating a virtual link,
> > or doing a full fledged name change. 
> > 
> > 	Here are my name suggestions:
> > 
> > 	milasm
> > 	mono-ilasm
> > 	gilasm
> > 	gnilasm 	(*say it out loud ;-)
> The mono ilasm tool can have a temporary name like milasm until it's
> functional. The name can be retained even after for compatibility
> and so that by using milasm or whatever the name ends up to be we are sure
> we're using the mono ilasm. But in the end we will install an executable
> with the name 'ilasm', because many tools (especially compilers)
> hard-code the name and as such 'ilasm' is sort of an interface name,
> like the name of a function.
> Note that for this reason ilasm is a completely different case than,
> say, resgen/monoresgen (programs for which I set the name): resgen is a 
> developer tool that is basically only used from makefiles. We can expect
> a developer to be able to issue make RESGEN=monoresgen if needed, or to
> tweak the makefile. Or, if it's a nant file, I guess the change will be
> done automatically by the new versions of nant. With ilasm the case is
> different since it's used under the hood by programs ran by the end
> user.
> So, you can go ahead and change the name now, but keep in mind that we
> will install the ilasm binary anyway: program-name conflicts need to be
> handled by the installer of the package (tipically distributions: both
> Debian and Redhat have the alternative system that can deal with such
> issues).

I was thinking in the "alternative" system to manage the names. For
example we can have ilasm from pnet, mono and rotor. There is a name
conflict. If the three names are different and the "alternative" system
manage the sym-links for them, the name conflict is resolved and in the
system is the ilasm binary-name that were required by any app.

This is only an idea.

See you,


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