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Sat Mar 8 12:24:08 EST 2003


As many people knows, I'm working in Number Formatting for .ToString
methods. I had a trouble with my implementation (it was incomplete) and
I found that the formattirng can be done with certain numeric patterns.

Now, I'm starting the implementation of the helper function that process
the format string and generates the output string for a value. I got the
documentation for this purpose from Microsoft documents (MSDN) but it is
a bit insufficient for me. Do anyone knows the Regular Expression that
follows the format string?

I have a little one:

    A= [0#]*(,[0#]+)*,*(.[#0]*)?([eE][+-]0*)?

	B= (%A|A%)


	** All Other characters and strings enclosed in single or double
    quotes are copied without change.

Can anybody give me a hand?
I attach the MS document in ps format.

Thank you,


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