[Mono-devel-list] Class Assembly

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Mon Mar 3 10:10:18 EST 2003

On 03/03/03 José Alexandre Antunes Faria wrote:
> Why is the Assembly method LoadFrom implemented and Load is not implemented?

Did you check the source? In Assembly.cs all the Load methods are
implemented, while 1 LoadFrom method is implemented and one not yet.
Most of them just call methods in AppDomain and if you ignore some
details (security checks, name/partialname) they work.

> Shouldn't most of the code be shared?

It is already.

> Personally i wouldn't mind implementing it myself, but i'm still a rookie in mono...

If you're still a newbie, you can still help by filing a detailed bug
report in bugzilla with test cases about what you think doesn't work.



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