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Philip Van Hoof spamfrommailing at freax.org
Mon Jun 30 19:50:01 EDT 2003

Hi there, 

Not much new but still sweet because now you can use a standard Form1.cs
generated by VS.NET.

On this screenshot you can see that the same .exe binary of a standard
Form1.cs generated by VS.NET (but, in this case, compiled with mcs) can
be runned both on Windows and Linux; the application will use Gtk+ on
Linux (if the SWF/Gtk/System.Windows.Forms.dll assembly is found first)
and will be a normal .NET winforms application on Windows (no


Of course is a #WT application even more platform independant. This is
just a nice Prove Of Concept. It proves that it's possible to partially
do the same with Microsofts System.Windows.Forms namespace. 

Perhaps in a far far future in a galaxy far far away it will be possible
to set a environment variable or set a mono-setting to make your
application use the Gtk implementation or switch to the WineLib
implementation (note that SWF/Gtk/* needs much love before that will be
a fact).

ps. Yes, this is still a very basic and simple example with only a Label
being displayed on the form. The other two demo applications crash ;-)
on Windows at this moment. Today I also fixed that .ctor exception (this
was because Gtk.Application.Init () was not being called at the
beginning of such a Gtk-wrapped-System.Windows.Forms-application. I've
put it in the static constructor of Control(.cs) -but maybe there is a
better location for this. If so, let me know-)

Btw, JStrike? Where are youuuu?? still doing exams? Get that ass of you
hacking on SWF/Gtk/*, we have work to do man ! :-)

I am only sending this to mono-devel-list because it might be to
technical at this moment for mono-list, no?

Philip Van Hoof, Software Developer @ Cronos
home: me at freax dot org
work: Philip dot VanHoof at cronos dot be
http://www.freax.be, http://www.freax.eu.org

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