[Mono-devel-list] RE: Mono IPv6 patch

Jerome Laban jlaban at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jun 28 09:50:45 EDT 2003

Thanks carlos, here are updated patches that contain some of your
suggestions and answers to some of your questions.
This update is stripped down compared to the original one, as it does
not contain the HttpClient fixes. The core of these classes has changed
some times ago and the logic is now in the ServicePoint* classes. These
classes seem to need an important updates to support IPv6.
And again, users of the Dns class, please, do not assume that the first
address returned by IPHostEntry.Addresses array is always of IPv4

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Sent: Saturday, June 28, 2003 7:15 AM
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Subject: Mono IPv6 patch

  I have reviewed the mono IPv6 patch you sent to the mono-devel list
some weeks ago. The code looks good, I don't figure out why did not they
included in the CVS. 
  I'm attaching my review with questions, comments and suggestions about
the patch.

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