[Mono-devel-list] alsa# ?

Pablo Baena pbaena at uol.com.ar
Wed Jun 25 22:27:07 EDT 2003

Go ahead and do it, it is great to have bindings like this. Use that
Java wrapper for reference, the language is very close to C# except for
a few details.

On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 04:32, Brian Redfern wrote:
> That's good, then I can just create a seperate alsa# project similar to
> the gtk# project, so for those who want to have an easier route than
> straight c to write alsa applications can then use winforms or gtk# with
> the alsa# bindings.

Now it is human nature that however a human being is,
he is inclined to think that is the right way to be.
                        Hans Reiser

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