[Mono-devel-list] alsa# ?

Peter Williams peter at newton.cx
Wed Jun 25 22:37:34 EDT 2003

Hi Brian,

On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 22:17, Brian Redfern wrote:
> Although I know that we now have a C# interface to the SDL library, what
> I'd like to be able to create alsa/gtk# programs, like a c# based midi
> sequencer. From what I've seen one can write a directx c# program under
> windows, I know the performance of mono is slower than a compiled c
> program, but by the same token mono seems faster to me than java, while
> the tritonus project has produced java bindings to alsa. I'm just
> wondering whether trying to create an alsa# is a bad idea, or against the
> philosophy of mono (where cross platform capability is very important).

Not like my opinion particularly matters, but it's fine. One of the
things that makes C# so good is that it's really easy to bind it to
other languages; assuming the ALSA API is not too large or weird I bet
you could easily get something working in a night.

Now, I doubt anyone in charge would want to distribute it as part of
Mono's core, since it would be platform-dependent and pretty
specialized, but bindings are always good to have.


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