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Lluis Sanchez lluis at ideary.com
Sat Jun 21 08:40:14 EDT 2003


The implementation of the HttpChannel is now in CVS. 
Thanks for your contribution!!

- Lluis

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Subject: HttpChannel Finished

Dear Lluis,
    I am the computer science student in Egypt working on the HttpChannel.
Me and my group have finished the channel. We tested it used the sample code you have sent us before which used the TcpChannel .

We tested the following:
1)Mono HttpClientChannel talking to MS.Net HttpServerChannel
2)Mono HttpClientChannel talking to Mono HttpServerChannel
And they both worked.

We will test the remaining case MS.Net HttpClientChannel talking to  Mono HttpServerChannel but right now we are busy finishing the project documentation.

I hope you remember that implementing the HttpChannel under mono is our graduation project. The faculty board elected  it as one of the best 3 projects of the Computer Science department. We will give a seminar about the project next Tuesday on 24/7/2003.

Our faculty knows that we want to contribute to mono , so in this message I attach the files of the HttpChannel we made. 
I will be grateful if you check these files , send us a comment  so we can inform the faculty of and if you accept the files upload them to the mono CVS tree. Your comment and uploading the files will be contribute to the evaluation of the project (the grade we gain - the evaluation process is carried out by professors from outside the faculty , so although our faculty chose the project as one of the best three , the external professors may give a different evaluation) .

I know you are very busy but I will be most grateful if you send us your response before Tuesday so we can present it in the Seminar when the project gets evaluated.

Thank you very much for your time.

Hussein Mehanna
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