[Mono-devel-list] WSDL tool missing

Roland Troisch rolandt at popmultimedia.com
Tue Jun 17 15:00:08 EDT 2003

Thanks Miguel!

Can you elaborate on what your current work flow is for getting them to

I compiled the latest version of mono from CVS.
Used a windows machine with VS.NET's WSDL tool to generate a proxy class
file.  Then I take that source code and it compiles fine in mono.  Then
I use a simple console app to use the class to call a HelloWorld method
from my web service.  It also compiles fine.  Execution works as
expected receiving a "Hello World" from the web service.

However, using the proxy dll as a server side object in aspx, it always
times out.  Does anybody have any suggestions?  Is anybody using
something else to generate proxy classes?

Much regards,

- roland troisch

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> uhm, acctually, none of the WSDL to proxy code has yet made it into 
> CVS that I know of.
> proxys generate from MS will work on Mono to the extent that the web
> sevices call environment is implemented. How much of this is usable
> I'm not sure.

Due to the SourceGear work we are doing, most of the web services
environment is there now, and we are able to talk to various web


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