[Mono-devel-list] Almost got ASP.NET running but...

Roland Troisch rolandt at popmultimedia.com
Mon Jun 16 12:42:43 EDT 2003

There's no error.  I should mention that it works if I browse to it from the local machine, for example if I use lynx while I'm ssh'd into it.  It's just accessing it from an external browser that's the problem.  So, If I browse to it in netscape from my windows machine (which can, btw, see the sites running in apache on the redhat box) it get, the page cannot be displayed as if the site doesn't exist.  The only way I can see it working is by browsing to the site directly off the local redhat box.  Is this by design since it's just a test container?  If so, am I supposed to use the apache module to access it from an external box?
- rt
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Hi Roland,
    Please post the error that you get, if at all, on the server console.
    The Apache is not interfering, since the 'listening' has started.
    Also, try the following (in bold) on a new console and post the results:
$ telnet my_IP 666
Trying <my_IP>...
Connected to my_IP.
Escape character is '^]'.
GET /page.aspx HTTP/1.0
<another return key>
<the results>
Connection closed by foreign host.
    Post the contents of the <the results>. Everything in courier font is what you get. Everything in bold is what you type.

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	I'm secure shelled into my redhat 9 box...I go into the xsp/server/test dir and run 
	mono ./server.exe --port 666 --address
	substituting my ip address for
	it says 
	Listening on port: 666
	Listening on address:
	Root directory: /root/install/xsp/server/test
	Virtual directory: /
	But I get a "Page cannot be displayed" error when I browse to http://(my <http://(my/>  IP):666/index.aspx...could it be because apache's running or something?
	- rt
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