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Fri Jun 13 15:11:35 EDT 2003

> Hi there,
> I often take a look at the code of Mono to know how the greatest Mono
> programmers did something (hehe). I don't copy-paste but often want use
> the same techniques and idea's that can be found in the class-libraries
> of Mono, in applications that are not LGPL nor GPL nor any compatible
> OpenSource and/or Free Software license (this is for customers (and) at
> work).


If I'm not mistaken, the Mono class libraries are licensed under the
MIT X11 licence, not [L]GPL.  It's in the FAQ.

   Question 131: What license or licenses are you using for the Mono Project? 

   The C# Compiler is released under the terms of the GNU GPL. The runtime 
   libraries are under the GNU Library GPL. And the class libraries are 
   released under the terms of the MIT X11 license. 

   The Mono runtime and the Mono C# Compiler are also available under a 
   proprietary license for those who can not use the LGPL and the GPL in 
   their code. 

   For licensing details, contact mono-licensing at ximian.com 

MIT X11 Licence:

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