[Mono-devel-list] (Mono) ASP.NET DataBindung, and apache mod_mono

Krieg Andreas Krieg.Andreas at OCE.DE
Thu Jun 12 11:19:25 EDT 2003

Hello all,

Sorry for that 'mailstorm' today from my side, today is my mono day:-))

I'm very interested in getting some things working because for some projects
we must decide if we use .net (and mono on unix) or Java, and I don't want
to use Java (Jbuilder is so slow....):-))

Ok, I have my CVS Version of mono now working, the first important thing
that I want to do is a web application. The xsp server for the first step is
ok, but I tried to work with mod_mono.

I installed apache, configured it and get it running with the module. My
first problem is when I build the ModMono.dll with make -f makedll.mak I get
many warnings from the mcs that my runtime
Is out of sync

Your mono runtime and corlib are out of sync.
Corlib is: ModMono

And the following warning:

(/u/home/kriegand/mono/install/bin/mcs.exe:17708): WARNING **: cant resolve
internal call to "Apache.Web.Request::SetStatusLineInternal(intptr,string)"
(tested without signature also)

What is out of sync? I built fresh from cvs with the build script and
rebuild the class library....

However, the ModMono.dll will be createt but if I go through apache and go
to the mono tests that I used the following error appears:

Description: Error processing request. 
Error Message: String returned by
Stack Trace: 
System.Web.HttpException: String returned by
in <0x0008e> 00 System.Web.HttpApplication:InitModules ()
in <0x0005b> 00 System.Web.HttpApplication:Startup
in <0x00114> 00 System.Web.HttpApplicationFactory:GetPublicInstance
in <0x00123> 00 System.Web.HttpApplicationFactory:GetInstance
in <0x00154> 00 System.Web.HttpRuntime:InternalExecuteRequest

Ok I know in the FAQ there is something about that, seems that the
machine.config can not be found, but I paced it in the install/etc, in
/etc/mono and /usr/etc/mono and I created the ModMono.exe.config in my
directory where the aspx pages are, but no success, any idea?

The next GENERAL problem I have is the databinding of controls. For example
the IBuySpy Portal has an event modul that reads the Events from a DataBase,
the returned collection is a DataSet that will be bound to a DataGrid or
Repeater or whatever, when there are no datasets I get the same error like
the error from mod_mono:

Description: Error processing request. 
Error Message: String returned by
Stack Trace:....

I found out that the function GetResolvedDataSource() from System.Web.Util
throws an exception when there are no members in the DataSet, in line 56/57:

	throw new

I think this is fatal, the MS ASP.NET stuff for example displays only the
header of the DataTable that it was bound to, if there are no Members in the
DataTable or the IEnumerable class that the control is bound to.....

Is this a bug or what can I do??

Regards, Andreas

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