[Mono-devel-list] All new products in .NET for Windows/Unix

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Thu Jun 12 06:19:59 EDT 2003

On 06/11/03 Ratan Sen wrote:
> 1. Can I assume that this mono project will successfully make it
> possible to run .NET applications on Unix/Linux/XWindows?

That is our aim:-) It depends on which framework assemblies and which
features your app uses, though: while some features are already fully
implemented in mono, some are still in the works and some not yet

> 2. If my .NET application uses non-managed ActiveX controls (of VC++
> MFC) then - will it run on Unix? or we need pure managed code?

Using pure managed code is the only way to ensure your app will be truly
portable and hence work across different operating systems and
architectures. If you use unmanaged code you'll have to manually port
that chunk of code to the platforms that you're interested in.
Also, avoid Managed C++: it's not only orrible to program with, it also
generates non portable assemblies.

> 3. As we are targetting Windows and Unix systems for our products,
> will it be better to develop in .NET?

I'm not sure if you mean programming for the CLR or using the MS .net
development environment on windows or mono on unixy systems.
In the first case, it depends what your application does, but we're
working to let people run on Linux/unix applications that work on the MS
CLR. In the second case, it really depends if currently the tools and
assemblies we developed are enough for doing your development on mono.

> Since we are going to invest a lot of money in product development,
> we want to be sure for our target systems.

If mono is missing some of the features you need, you could allocate
some devopment time to implement them in mono, or you could hire Ximian
or other independent developers to improve/develop the feature for you.


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