[Mono-devel-list] Makefile.am patch

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Wed Jun 11 06:05:11 EDT 2003

On 06/10/03 Duncan Mak wrote:
> While trying to build a test-run 0.25 release tarball, I see this error
> when I do a make distcheck:
> > ERROR: files left after distclean:
> > ./mono/mini/inssel.brg
> > ./mono/mini/inssel-long32.brg
> > ./mono/mini/inssel-float.brg
> I think this patch fixes this problem.
>  BUILT_SOURCES= inssel.c inssel.h cpu-pentium.h cpu-g4.h
> +CLEANFILES= $(BUILT_SOURCES) inssel.brg inssel-long32.brg inssel-float.brg
>  EXTRA_DIST = $(common_BURGSRC) $(documents) inssel-x86.brg inssel-ppc.brg \

No, your patch is incorrect, you're going to create a tarball that won't
build and remove source files from the tree.
The files are in EXTRA_DIST (common_BURGSRC), so auto* should not
complain about them being in the source tree. FWIW, make distcheck works
for me (automake 1.4-p6).


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