[Mono-devel-list] Making .NET Remoting compatible between Mono and Microsoft.NET

David Sahakian David.Sahakian at inewsroom.com
Tue Jun 10 10:31:55 EDT 2003

Hi all,
I've been experimenting with MS.NET <-> Mono 0.24 compatibility, and
I've seen the following two issues.  
1)       MS.Net has been at version 1.1 for some time now.  In MS.Net
1.1 Microsoft increased their default security settings so that ObjRefs
were not allowed as parameters on remoted calls.  Among other things,
this causes runtime failure of the sample code in the "Remoting" area of
the Mono Handbook.  You can get around this by setting your
deserialization level to "Full" instead of the default "Low".  See
00000153 for more on this issue.  
2)       Ref and out parameters don't seem to work at all across mono
remoting boundaries.  They do work in MS.NET.
Hope this helps,
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Since Mono 0.24 the TcpChannel is compatible with MS.NET, at least for
what we've been able to try. Please, try it. I'll be glad to help
solving the issues that arise.
- Lluis
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Subject: [Mono-devel-list] Making .NET Remoting compatible between Mono
and Microsoft.NET
In the Mono Handbook in the chapter on Remoting, it states that "The
TcpChannel is working, but it is currently not compatible with MS' tcp
This is something that is standing as a roadblock for some proof of
concept testing that we are trying to do with Mono.  We would like to
look into what is necessary to make this work across platforms and
hopefully contribute to the project.
Can anyone give us a primer on what may be wrong and the best way for us
to work toward a solution? 
Bob Craig
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