[Mono-devel-list] overriding return type

Alan Jenkins Alan.Jenkins at phonecoop.coop
Sun Jul 27 05:59:15 EDT 2003

Someone else is on my side!  Thanks Tum.  Its useful to know what its called -  
telepathy isn't yet one of Googles features.  The link you posted is just one 
bug-page among 8 on the same site that request covariant methods, and one 
page claims that the Java Virtual Machine allows it, but the current Java 
compiler doesn't - just like C# and CIL.

Many thanks to Jacob Eggleston for showing me a solution.  It looks promising 
- I'll have to think about it.  Gut feeling is that this is just a 
workaround, but I try not to place too much weight on my instincts.
Note that the proposed solution doesn't work in java, because all methods are 

I guess this thread is finished then, unless someone else feels strongly 
enough to write a patch.  I'll have a look at the C# compiler source, but I 
can't promise anything.  At least the its not changing too often now.

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