[Mono-devel-list] overriding return type

Jacob Eggleston jacobmono at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 25 12:55:27 EDT 2003

Well, I stand corrected about implicit downcasts. I
don't have a C# compiler on this machine, so I'm
having to do this from my head - and I've only been
using C# for a few months now.

The thing with OO though, is that in the case you have
specified, you really should still implement the
IList2 class this way:

interface IList2 : IList
	IIterator Iterator(); // <- Iterator method acording
to IList

When you get an IIterator back from IList2.Iterator()
you should then check to see if it has the modified
functionallity available in IIterator2. In your
example, it's not obvious why, because you only hav
one dirivative of IList. If we add a third, it may be
easier to understand why this is dangerous, and hence
why the compiler doesn't allow it. (At least from my
understanding - like I said, I'm not an expert on the

interface IList
	//get an iterator at the start of the list, i.e.
before the first item
	IIterator Iterator();		
interface IIterator
	bool Next();		//move onto the next item, false on
failure (EOL)
	object Item		//the current item
interface IList2 : IList
	IIterator2 Iterator();
interface IIterator2 : Iterator
	bool Prev();		//move onto the previous item, false on
failure (SOL)
interface IList3 : IList
	IIterator3 Iterator();
interface IIterator3 : Iterator
	bool RandomPos();		//move to a random position in the
class TestList
	void Test()
		// This works because IList2 implements IList
		IList list = GetList.NewList();

		// This works
		IIterator iterator = list.Iterator();

		// This causes a casting error because our list is
an IList3 
		// and its Iterator() method returns an IIterator3
object. The 
		// correct thing is for Iterator to return an
IIterator object, and
		// check to see if it can be upcast to IIterator2
		IIterator2 iterator2 = list.Iterator();
class GetList
	static IList NewList()
		Return new IList3();

I think this probably isn't permitted for safety
reasons. Just imagine something the scale of the Mono
class library, the subtle errors that could be
introduced. (I did a quick search for *.cs in the
class folder and turned up about 5,000 cs files!)

Jacob Eggleston

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