[Mono-devel-list] Synching WSDL work

Lluis Sanchez lluis at ximian.com
Tue Jul 22 06:09:52 EDT 2003


> I would like to extend this to support the DotGNU DGEE attribute
> generation. It should be possible to emit the WebSevice and WebMethod
> Attributes expected by the the DGEE. That way you can also implement
> dgee webservices based on wsdl. (Of course there are small things like
> soap support missing :) )

Notice that MonoWSDL is based on System.Web.Services.Description, so adding
support for DGEE generation would mean to embed that support in the mono
libraries. I think this is not convenient because DGEE is not part of the
.NET framework. A specific tool for DGEE would be a better solution.

> [..snip..]
> > The current status of those classes is the following:
> > - ServiceDescriptionImporter: To do.
> > - MonoWSDL: half done. Erik has a first version. He HongFu also has
> > done
> > some work on this.
> > - XmlSchemaImporter: There is some initial work from Atsushi.
> > - SoapSchemaImporter: To do (not a priority)
> > - XmlCodeExporter: There is some initial work from Atsushi.
> > - ServiceDescriptionReflector: Erik is working on this.
> > - XmlReflectionImporter: Done.
> > - SoapReflectionImporter: Done.
> > - XmlSchemaExporter: Done.
> > - SoapSchemaExporter: To do (not a priority).
> What is the current status of the rest of these? Is there any TODOs
> left?

The rest of classes in System.Web.Services.Description and
System.Xml.Serialization are support classes for the above classes. I assume
that they will be completed when they are needed. I assumed that each item
in the list would be developed by one person, I think that it is difficult
to divide more the work.

However, if anybody thinks that part of his work can be developed by other
people without danger of conflics, please, post it to the list, so more
people can collaborate on this.

- Lluis

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