[Mono-devel-list] Re: Synching WSDL work

He HongFu hfhe at stryon.com
Fri Jul 18 06:04:05 EDT 2003

Hi, all!

	Lluis list all current status of Web Service Description. After some work  on WSDL tools, I find it is more necessary to implement ServiceDescriptionImporter. Because the implementation of WSDL tool depends on this class. Now the status of the class  is TO DO. Implementing the class include following relative class:
	1) ProtocolImporter, It is the base class of WSDL importer for diffirent protocol.
	2) HttpProtocolImporter, HttpGetProtocolImporter, HttpPostProtocolImporter, generate code for HttpGet, or HttpPost protocol.
	3) SoapProtocolImporter, generate code for SOAP protocol.

--  There are other relative class needing implement, and I don't have information about it.

	Now, I plan to start working on these class. Please contact me or Lluis if you have more information about it, or so
we can work in synch.
		He HongFu


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