[Mono-devel-list] building Mono -- FreeBSD 5 and Mac OS X

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Fri Jul 18 08:37:51 EDT 2003

On 07/17/03 Dave Morford wrote:
> OS X? The sources for Mono 0.25 (and current CVS) successfully build on
> FreeBSD 5.1. mcs 0.25 is a chicken/egg problem. mcs 0.24 and latest
> monocharge give errors ranging from the infamous "bus error" that dumps
> a core to various NullException's. About as far as I can get, either
> with 0.25 or from the latest CVS sources, is 'mono --trace mcs.exe
> foo.cs' will begin parsing but eventually hang in the tokenizer. This
> happens regardless of the given size or complexity of a .cs file.

I don't have a FreeBSD box, so people that have one will need to help
debug the issue. The version from mono 0.24 apparently hits an issue
with the smaller default thread stack size on the BSDs, so if you
start from that, you need to add a call to pthread_attr_setstacksize(),
see current io-layer/threads.c and recompile. Nobody using *BSDs
bothered to report to us if that worked, AFAIK.
As for the new hangs, you could try compiling without the included libgc
(.(configure --with-gc=boehm) or with no libgc at all or with the latest
libgc 6.2. Make sure you report the results on the list so that we can
address the issue in the cvs tree.
If libgc is not the culprit, you can try running the compilation under
gdb and poke around for clues. We are available on the #mono channel
(irc.gimp.org) if you need some interactive help with that.

> At this point, I'm interested in getting CVS to build correctly and
> regularly on FreeBSD 5.1 and Mac OS X 10.2/10.3 (Dev Preview) and to
> keep it that way moving forward. Any plans for a bsd.make or osx.make in
> mcs/build/platforms at some point? I'm willing to assist anyone working

If you contribute it, we'll likely add it to cvs.


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