[Mono-devel-list] building Mono

Reggie Burnett rykr at bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 16 21:45:11 EDT 2003

Please forgive me if this email is misguided but I just can’t seem to
understand why I have to be an expert in Linux building processes to build
from CVS.  I have had several folks point me at the /mono/doc/ build script
but I can’t seem to get those to work either.  I need to compile up the
latest with my driver code and make sure things are working ok, but I don’t
have hours to make the build work.  I have already spent too much time on

I was hoping this new build system that was introduced would make things
better but, alas, no.

I updated from cvs about 5 hours ago. I then did the following steps ( I
have Mono 0.25 installed from RPM on a Mandrake 9.1 system ):

1.  From the mono folder, do ./autogen.sh -prefix=/usr/local; make    ←
this step seems to work ok
2.  From the mcs folder, do make.  This compiles for a bit and then
complains about corlib out of sync
3.  From the FAQ, I see the process for fixing this is to compile the
runtime, compile the corlib,
	install the runtime, and then install corlib, then finish compiling
the rest
4.  Following those instructions (and I have already compiled mono), I go to
mcs/class/corlib and do
	make (it complains of corlib out of sync but says compilation
5.  I do make install from /mono
6.  Then do make install from /mcs/class/corlib
7.  Now back in /mcs folder I do make (it immediately fails saying it can't
find System.dll)
8.  I noticed MONO_PATH is blank so I do export $MONO_PATH=/usr/lib and do
make again
9.  This time it compiles for a bit and then stops saying it can't find
System.Xml.dll.  There is in fact a
	System.Xml.dll in /usr/lib and it appears that MONO_PATH is being
set to ../../class/lib:$MONO_PATH which should
	Take any new dlls made but fall back to the older folder /usr/lib.
But no, it still can't find System.Xml.dll.

I have looked at /mcs/building/README.* and the FAQ.  There are plenty of
docs and places that give you very short snippets of how to build but there
doesn't appear to be any single document that is a grand daddy HOW-TO for
how to build this thing.


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